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A Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania. Visas will be needed for this adventure.

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This adventure is in the early planning stage

Head east and leave Europe on an adventure to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

Where? Until 1945, Kaliningrad was known as Königsberg, the former capital of East Prussia. After World War II the Soviet Union annexed the city and the surrounding area, which served as a strategically vital warm-water port on the Baltic. The Soviets mounted a policy of Russification, and what was once an overwhelmingly German quickly took on its current, Russian character. Throughout the Cold War, Kaliningrad was as a dagger pointed at Scandinavia and Central Europe and was one of the most heavily militarized regions in the USSR.

When? This adventure is in the planning stage, more details to follow or discuss in more detail on our Facebook page.

The world’s largest nation

Why Kaliningrad?

Here at Land Rover Adventures headquarters we have a long held ambition to drive to Russia and the enclave of Kaliningrad will provide a taster of Russian life.


Kaliningrad Oblast is geographically interesting in that is situated between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea, physically separated from the rest of Russia. It was briefly known as Kyonigsberg prior to being renamed Kaliningrad, a few years after WWII. The Kaliningrad Oblast thus has only been part of Russia since 1945. Many towns in Kaliningrad Oblast are on the Baltic Sea coast, and have beautiful sandy beaches. It was also the heart of old Prussian kingdom of Brandenburg-Prussia with many ruins of old castles and forts dotting the landscape.

B-413 Submarine

The B-413 was built in Leningrad and was launched in September, 1968. During 30 years it had been serving in the North and Baltic Fleets. The submarine was moored at the museum quay in June, 2000. It is the only one in the country and a few in the world belonging to pre-atomic period of undersea fleet. Moreover, it is preserved in its original state. Firm and light hulls, superstructure, all the major and auxiliary mechanisms, equipment and weapons are the same as they were after the submarine was excluded from the Navy. What strikes you most as you walk along the narrow corridors and squeeze through the seemingly miniscule portholes that protect each section, is the incredible mechanical complexity. This 1960s technology required pipes, cumbersome and hard wearing switches and large well worn wheels to keep the submarine either afloat or submerged, as needs dictated.

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