Norway - 2019

Fancy a 5,000 mile round trip in your own Land Rover to visit the Arctic Circle and the beautiful Winter City of Tromsø, Norway?

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One of the seven natural wonders of the world- northern lights, Norway

Whoever says that you can’t drive a Land Rover to the Arctic Circle has no sense of adventure! All I can say is; just go and do it! You need to service the car before you go and put on winter tyres – other than that, you’re good to go, in any Land Rover!

Well what can I say, our 2009 XS.e td4 done just under 6000 miles in ten days, going through 9 different countries (Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway) it handled the Autobahns doing around 100mph fully loaded no problems, even the icy roads and snow packed roads that were in front of it were no match for it, the snow mode terrain response program does help a lot when you need it.

In the trip were 3 FL2’s, 1 FL1 and there was a Range Rover Evoque and all of them performed brilliantly, will recommend doing a trip like this, ended up in Tromsø and worked our way back down through Norway, we took the ferry from Larvik (south Norway) to Hirtshals (North Denmark) never again going on a ferry, crossing was rough. I even put the FL2 to the test and managed to recover a local (video is included) and that was in normal drive mode and it didn’t even struggle, I even when they tried to brake, would we do the trip again? Yes we would but next time, perhaps a bit longer, loved every minute of it!

Jason & Kirsty

Freelander 2

7 Countries
1 Epic Adventure

Why Norway?

Tromsø is above the Arctic Circle and famed as a viewing point for colourful Northern Lights that sometime light up the nighttime sky. The city’s historic centre, on the island of Tromsø, is distinguished by its centuries-old wooden houses.

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are formed when solar particles collide with the Earth’s atmosphere. Thanks to the low magnetism of the poles, these particles are attracted towards the ends of the globe. The intensity of the solar particles is measured by the KP index on a scale of 0 to 9. The higher this KP index value, the further away from the poles the Northern Lights can be seen. Or, to put it another way, the further north we move in Norway, the more likely we will be to see the Aurora.

Considered the capital of Norway’s Arctic, Tromso is perfect for seeing the Northern Lights in winter. December and January both have no daylight and twilight lasts from around 6:30am to 5pm!

Further Information


25th December – Home to Folkestone

26th December – Folkestone to Roskilde, Denmark
Mileage: 740 Miles (11 Hours)

27th December – Denmark to Hudiksvall, Sweden
Mileage: 610 Miles (10 Hours)

28th December – Sweden to Pello, Finland
Mileage: 550 Miles (9 Hours)

29th December – Finland to Tromso
Mileage: 320 Miles (6 Hours)

30th December – Full Day in Tromso

31st December – Tromso to Røkland, Norway
Mileage: 330 (8 Hours)

1st January – Røkland, Norway to Hjerkinn, Norway
Mileage: 500 (11 Hours)

2nd January – Hjerkinn, Norway to Aalborg, Denmark taking the Kristiansand to Hirtshals ferry
Mileage: 425 (10 Hours)

3rd January – Aalborg, Denmark to Winterberg, Germany
Mileage: 515 (9 Hours)

4th January – Winterberg, Germany to Calais to Home
Mileage: 335 (6 Hours)


Lots of people have asked for a cost breakdown for our Arctic Adventure. To reiterate, we (Land Rover Adventures) don’t make any charge for the trip. These costs are entirely your own.

For the Evoque with two people :
Fuel & Eurotunnel £875 (started with a full tank and ended with an empty one)
Hotels £840
Food £400
Ferries £150
Tolls £100 (approx)

Total £2365 for two people, £1182.50 per person

Ferries were used to cut journey time/distance but could be skipped. These can also be much cheaper if booked in advance, but that’s risky. Tolls can be avoided, but sometimes you just want a nice easy, straight & smooth road!

Money could certainly have been saved, but to cover 5,000 miles and stay in hotels for 10 days at £118 per day isn’t too bad! If you could face having 4 in the car, that number would drop significantly.

Who’s Involved

The cars and drivers who joined us on this adventure

Dan & Drew

Range Rover Evoque Prestige Lux

Matt & Mark

Freelander 1

Steve, Chris & Nathan

Freelander 2 HSE

Jason & Kirsty

Freelander 2 XS

Sue & Nobert

Freelander 2 HSE

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